1 Credit
$10.00 Uniform Fee

Aerospace Science: A Journey Into Aviation History
This book takes the fellow reader on a “Journey into Aviation History”. A Journey into Aviation History is a course about aviation history focusing on the development of flight throughout centuries. Starting with ancient civilizations, then leads toward modern days. It emphasizes civilian and military contributions to aviation, the development and modernization of the U.S. Air Force, and a brief history of astronomy and space exploration. This edition is the first major revision of this course in more than two decades.

Leadership Education I:
This book teaches cadets how to better themselves and to get ready for the future. It introduces cadets to the Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFJROTC) program. It stresses on the subjects of information about military traditions, citizenship, the U.S. government, wellness, health, fitness, and how to exercise self-control.


10, 11, 12
1 Credit
$10.00 Uniform Fee

The science of Flight:
A gateway to New Horizons is an introductory course and customized textbook that focuses on how airplanes fly, how weather conditions affect flight, flight and the human body and flight navigation. The course is designed to complement materials taught in math, physics, and other science- related courses and is aligned with the National Education Standards, The Math Standards and Expectations, and ISTE Educational Technology standards for students.

Leadership Education II:
Communication, Awards and leadership represents a significant revision, bringing up-to-date concepts, philosophies, and materials into the Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corp (AFJROTC) curriculum. It fuses on the AFJROTC mission to “develop citizens of character dedicated to serving their nation and community” through better communication increased awareness of self and others, and improved leadership.

11, 12
1 Credit
$10.00 Uniform Fee

Leadership education: 300

Life Skills & Career Opportunities
This course is an essential component of leadership education for today’s high school students. This book, and the course it is designed for, will prepare you for life after high school in the high-tech, globally oriented, and diverse work place of the 21st century.

Aerospace Science:
Exploring Space: The High Frontier

This third year science course begins with the study of the space environment from the earliest days of astronomy and early ideas of the heavens, through the Renaissance, and on into modern astronomy. It provides an in-depth study of the earth, sun, stars, moon, and solar system, including the terrestrial and the outer plants. It discusses issues critical to travel into the upper atmosphere. It investigates the importance of entering space and discusses manned and unmanned missions, focusing on concepts surrounding space flight, space vehicles, launch systems, and safety.

1 Credit
$10.00 Uniform Fee

Management of the cadet corps
The cadets manage the entire corps during the fourth year. This hands-on experience affords the cadets the opportunity to put the theories of previous leadership courses into practice. All the planning, organizing, coordinating, Administrating, governing, and decision-making will be done by the cadets.

Aerospace Science:
Global Awareness- is a customized course about the world’s cultures. This course was specifically created for the AFJROTC program. It is designed to introduce students to the study of world affairs, regional studies, and cultural awareness. It delves into history, geography, regional studies, language, culture, political systems, economics, social issues, environmental concerns, and human rights. It looks at major events and significant figures that have shaped each region.

Leadership Education IV:
Principles of management- leadership IV provides a guide to understanding the fundamentals of management, managing yourself, and others. Emphasis is placed on allowing the student to see themselves as a manager. There are four building blocks of leadership considered in this text from the military and civilian perspective. The four areas are management techniques, management decisions, management functions, and managing self and others.

*Must have completed previous year

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