Technology Applications (I & II) is a technology literacy course designed to be both academically rigorous and technically challenging for students planning careers in high-tech fields. This program gives hands on experience with computers, robots, programmable logic controllers (PLC), CIM cell technology, Computer-aided drafting/design (CADD), multimedia, quality control, and applications software. The goal of Technology Applications is to help students continually adapt themselves to the changing technological advances of today's society, as well as to prepare students to enroll in community college technical programs.

Course Components
Course Procedures and Lab Safety
Computer Skills
Investigative Skills
Applied Technology Research
Introduction to Technology Skills
Electrical Systems Technology
Multimedia Technology
Telecommunications Technology
Mechanical Systems Technology
Quality Control Technology
Spreadsheet Applications Technology
Fluid Systems Technology
Computer Aided Drafting and Design
Presentation Applications Technology
Thermal Systems Technology
Computer Aided Manufacturing Technology
Desktop Publishing Technology
Programmable Logic Control Technology
Electronic Control Systems Technology
Bio Related Technology
Computer Integrated Manufacturing
Intro to Computer Networking Technology
Computer Assembly Technology
Database Applications Technology
Global Information Systems Technology

2 Per Year
1 credit may be used as physical science

Ms. Bynum, Teacher
Ms. Bynum has been a member of the New Albany / Union County Vocational Center staff since the summer of 2007.

Admission Requirements
10th, 11th, and 12th graders who have successfully completed Algebra I are eligible to participate in this program.

Student Organization
TSA - Technology Student Association

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